Why Advertise on a Deluxe Taxicab?

Deluxe Taxi gives your business powerful ad opportunities to reach ten of thousands of Las Vegas taxi riders!  From the airport, to along the strip, as well as to and from the convention center and all spots in between, Deluxe Taxi has you covered!

65 Rooftop displays - 3 sided, LED illuminated, eye-level and impossible to miss!

65 Taxi TVs playing special content plus video/audio ads to a captive audience in a personal, one-to-one environment!

266,000 people will see ONE Taxi Top display monthly!

79,000 captive viewers will view ONE video and audio commercial in a month on a Taxi TV.

Advertising on a Deluxe Taxicab reaches some of the most affluent Henderson and Las Vegas consumers right where they live, with a frequency that is hard to match through any other advertising medium.

Deluxe Taxi gives you two proven ad products and lets you use a combination of the two of an unparalleled impact in Las Vegas.  With Taxi TV, you can buy various amounts of the 15-minute program to promote your company.

Advertising Rates:

Taxi Top Rate:  $350 per month, per taxicab  (Production separate)

In - Cab Video Ads

(Taxi TV)

30 Seconds

(40,000 plays)

1 Minute

(36, 000 plays)

2 Minutes

(32,000 plays)

4 Week Cost (Month)
Cost per Taxi$31$39$54
Cost per Play4 Cents7 Cents11 Cents

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